Spektrum Crush Zine™ IV : Open Call


The fourth issue of Spektrum Crush zine is the occasion to give hommage to the worlds of RPGs and card games.
Suggested themes :
  • → JRPGs
  • → DnD and pen and paper RPG
  • → MMO's
  • → Card games
  • → World maps
  • → Skill trees
  • → Character building
  • → etc


We accept submissions for full-color digital designs (printed in offset) and for stencil-based designs (printed in Riso).
Please feel free to submit several designs, and consider submitting both a digital and RISO design to facilitate the inclusion of your artwork in the book.

Accepted content

Any medium in welcome, as long as it's printable!
You can send us screenshots from your game project, renders of your assets, derivative artworks, cut-out cards, fan art...
Please note that the focus of the zine is visuals.
Text is welcome, but it's not our main focus.


  • Spreads : horizontal (landscape) A3 format
  • Single pages : vertical (portrait) A4 format
  • Format : .png, .jpg, .pdf, .tiff


Please send your designs as CMYK files.
One or several colors from the palette have to be the dominant colors in your design. You don't have to use all the colors of the palette and can use additional colors if you wish.
Color chart
purple #7f4ff0
limegreen #42ff00
light grey #bfbfbf
black #000000
white #fffffff
RISO pages will be printed as two-color riso on colored paper.
When sending your design :
  • Send each color layer as a grayscale image
  • Make it clear in the naming of your files the color of each layer
  • Please precise in your e-mail which paper color your design should be printed on
  • If you need guidance or have questions, please reach out :)
Paper colors
purple #7f4ff0
fluo green #76c043
white #ffffff
black #000000
black #000000
grey (opaque : this grey can be printed on darker papers) #76c043

What happens if my design is selected?

We sadly can't offer monetary compensation for featuring your artwork in the publication, as for now the whole project is self-funded and doesn't generate profit.
  • You will receive a copy of the book by post.
  • We will get in touch with you concerning the release exhibition of the book, with a possibility to exhibit some of your artwork and sell printed goods.

31 DECEMBER 2020


What is Spektrum Crush zine?

Spektrum Crush is a publication dedicated to video games and digital garbage, which originated in the local Berlin experimental games scene. Each physical issue compiles visual artworks of people working with games or related easthetics and topics, and is limited to 100 numbered copies.
The zine has three isues so far, and this open call is for the 4th.